APF Membership Survey

APF 2018 Membership Survey

The APF Body moved as one of the strategies given the highest priority objective by all Delegates at the 2017 APF annual meeting held in Nepal,  to “Create and implement an APF Membership Survey Form- 2018”

Therefore, all APF Membership communities are cordially requested to please go through the “Membership Survey Form- APF 2018” and provide your input through online submission.

Click Here to access the Online Survey submission form:


We also request members to distribute the same survey via PDF to your communities, regions, areas and home groups if they are unable to access it online.

Click Here:  APF-MEMBERSHIP-SURVEY-FORM-2018  to download it for local use and after filled-up by each NA Member- pls send the scanned copy thru attachment email to: <fdc@apfna.org> .

We Fellowship Development Subcommittee would like as many members throughout Asia Pacific Forum of NA worldwide to participate.
Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours in loving service with gratitude,
“Fellowship Development Workgroup”