2019 Asia Pacific Forum Meeting

Monday-Thursday, February 17-20, 2020  

Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where & When


The 2020 Asia Pacific Forum meeting will be held from Monday the 17th of February to Thursday the 20th of February, at the Duangtawan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand.



Hotel Bookings

The Admin Committee will make hotel bookings on behalf of all Delegates and APF trusted servants, based on the information received in the Participants Request Form.



Participants Information


The Participation Request Form is the primary way we collect information from participants regarding travel, accommodation, funding and more.  Based on that information, we will be in contact with participants to finalise arrangements for funding, visas, flights and airport transfers.


The form has previously been sent out via the APF list to all RDs, RD Alts, Workgroup participant and Trusted Servants.  






The 2020 agenda has been circulated to APF general email. 





Elections will take place at the Bali meeting for the following positions:


  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Fellowship Development Co-ordinator

  • Web Servant

  • Alt Zonal Delegate





We are requesting that all Community, Workgroup and Trusted Servant reports be emailed no later than one month before the start of the meeting on February 18th – so by the 18th of January. However if you miss the deadline for unavoidable circumstances please send us as soon as possible at apf@apfna.org.


At the 2014 APF meeting, we agreed by consensus to allow all delegates the opportunity to have read reports in preparation for the meeting, as pre-reading reports keeps all participants up to date and informed, and this practice improves communications.


We also agreed at that time that we could reduce waste, and so is not necessary to bring hard copies of reports to the APF meeting, since delegates will have the report electronically, or if required can print and bring their own copy.



Local General & Logistics Information


For information on NA meetings, climate, visa requirements, money exchange, local SIM cards, emergency info, transport to/from the airport, restaurants and printing, we will post information here in due course. 




The average temperature for February is a high of 33C and low of 15C. It can get a little cold late in the evening or early morning so a lightweight jacket may be a good idea. There is no rain expected.

Visa requirements:

For most countries a 30 Day Visa on arrival is free. This can be completed on the aircraft prior to arrival or in the arrivals hall. Check please link below:



Money exchanges:

There are Exchange offices on same road as the APF / TRCNA hotel, Loi Kroh Road, and at the airport. There are Thai banks a short walk from the hotel at Pantip Plaza. The rates:



SIM cards for cell phones:

You can purchase tourist SIM cards for the most popular Thai vendors – AIS, True and DTAC in the airport arrivals hall or at most 7 / 11 stores. There is a 7/11 directly opposite the hotel.

Note that many places also have free wi-fi.

Emergency contact info:


Address: 132 Loi Kroh Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50100

Phone: 053 905 000


Police / Tourist Police: 191 & 1155

191 is a hotline of the Royal Thai Police. However, sometimes dispatchers do not speak English. In this case, contact the Tourist Police by dialing 1155.

Health Emergencies

1669 – In case of health emergency call this number, it is the general hotline in Thailand. After you call this number, a public ambulance will be dispatched. Approximate response time is 10 minutes for cities and 30 minutes from rural areas. Staff speaks English.


Other emergency numbers to call in Thailand
Ambulance and rescue – 1554
Air ambulance – 02 586 7654
Fire brigade – 199
National disaster warning center – 1860
Crime – 1195

Local Hospitals in Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Ram Hospital
Address: 8 Bunrueang Rit Rd, Si Phum Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200.
Phone: 053 920 300

Lanna Hospital Chiang Mai
Address: 1 Sookasam Rd, Pa Tan Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300
Phone: 052 134 777

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai
Address: 88 8-9 Soi Ban Buak Khrok Mai 3, Nong Pa Khrang Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000
Phone: 052 089 888

Chiang Mai Ram is the most expensive facility of the above listed and options 2 & 3 are less expensive options. 

(Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with nor endorses the above facilities but offers the information ‘as is’ from a responsible admin committee. )


Local Pharmacy
The nearest pharmacy to the APF / TRCNA venue is directly opposite the hotel entrance. For those not staying at the venue – Chiang Mai has plenty of pharmacies, there is one of virtually every street.

Things you should always have in your pocket
For hospitals, it is very important that you can show your ability to pay for provided medical services. We recommend you to carry your insurance and a credit card to avoid misunderstandings with doctors and hospitals’ staff. Otherwise, you risk not to be served. Do not count on the hospitals’ responsibility to offer medical help to everyone in need. Medical treatment in Thailand can be extremely expensive and not every medical facility is willing to help people whose life is in danger.

The best option for all tourists is to get health insurance before going abroad. If you already have it, do not hesitate to call your insurance company and ask it to help you in the case of an emergency. In case you still do not have insurance and you are planning to go abroad, it would be wise to get covered or at least consider taking insurance in the country you are traveling to.



NA Meetings:


Google maps: search for Narcotic Anonymous

Facebook: ‘narcotics anonymous chiang mai’ page



There are numerous ways to travel in the city.

  1. RTC city bus. There are various routes throughout the city. The cheapest way to travel and the bus has free Wi-fi. An iPhone and android app is available. https://www.chiangmaitraveller.com/chiang-mai-public-bus/

  2. Song Thaew (Red Truck) – ideal for short journeys. 30 baht per person.

  3. Grab. Really popular in the city as the price is fixed upon booking.

  4. Metered Taxi.


The taxi fare from the airport to the hotel should be 150 – 200 baht. The RTC bus service also runs from the airport close to the hotel.



An international driving license is required to drive in Thailand. Be aware that you can hire a vehicle using your passport or home country license but there are many police road blocks throughout the city on a daily basis and you will be stopped and fined 400-500 baht for no license and 400-500 baht for no helmet.



The standard used in Thailand is a two-pin plug (flat & round):

* Voltage: 220 V.


Restaurants (Nearby Duangtawan Hotel):

There are many restaurants and street food stalls nearby the hotel and at the daily night market which is a 3 minute walk from the hotel.


For those with specials requirements e.g. Vegan or Vegetarian there are 2 places nearby.

  1. Vegan Heaven – same road as the hotel, Loi Kroh Road.

  2. Gulf Restaurant, Anusarn Market – Lebanese. 5 minute walk from hotel.



NA is not affiliated or endorses any of the websites, institutions, companies or eating establishments above. It is provided on a ‘for information only’ basis to assist members quickly integrate. There are many other options not offered above.