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Strategic Planning

Since 2014, Strategic Planning (SP) has become an increasingly useful and important tool for the Asia Pacific Forum. 

The foundation is based on the example of other fellowships or zones (in particular EDM), the suggestions in Planning Basics, and APF's strategic planning undertaken between 2007 and 2010, leading to the establishment and election of a Fellowship Development Co-ordinator.  

The creation and updating of a Strategic Plan is integrated into the annual APF meeting. The structure of our Strategic Plan is:

  • APF Statement of Purpose

  • Our Vision

  • Long term goals (where we would like to be in 5 years)

  • Strategies for the year, prioritised as high, secondary and low:

    • Fellowship Development Strategies (including Women's FD)

    • Communications Strategies (general, web & technology, and newsletter)

    • Financial Strategies

    • Translations Strategies

    • External Strategies

    • Planning Strategies

  • Responsibilities​

  • Review & follow-up

Environmental Scan


The foundation of our strategic plan comes from an environmental scan. It reflects our best efforts to capture trends and issues — both within and outside of the Fellowship — that affect APF communities. It helps us identify and assess factors that are shaping our environment so we can understand how a changing world can impact our ability to realize our vision. It provides insight into the potential challenges and opportunities we may face, and into the strategies we will need. 

This year we are trialling conducting an environmental scan via an online form.  We are requesting that all APF delegates assist by completing this form by 31st October 2018:

Strategic Plans

2019 Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic Plan

2017 Strategic Plan

2016 Strategic Plan

Previous Strategic Planning Resources (2007 - 2010)


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